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A surge of consumers returned to the frozen foods category during lockdown. Steve Axe of Nomad Foods says customer retention is more important right now than customer acquisition. 

Research Paper

Explores the topic of sustainable tourism and promotes it as the next big opportunity for Latin America.

Research Paper

Given the increase in the volume of student mobility, this study explores how internationally mobile students, who are at the starting point of their life as global nomads, represent and give sense to the relationship with their brands in the context of relocation for study purposes.

Research Paper

The brand challenge goes beyond identifying motivations and needs. What inspires a 'shared moment' that links a consumer with a brand? The analogy is with dancing - how do consumer and brand come to be dancing partners? This paper depicts how a consumer-connected company and an inspiration-led research agency - Beiersdorf and H,T,P Concept - worked 'cheek to cheek' to meet this challenge.


Four key speakers discuss the principles of marketing, changing social trends and brand awareness in a presentation to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 1984.

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Technology has revolutionised the way we work. Personal computing freed us from the restraints of the mainframe.