Institute of Practitioners in Advertising

The IPA is one of the world's pre-eminent trade bodies for marketing communications agencies. The IPA has over 270 of the UK's brightest and best agencies in membership, from a broad range of disciplines, who between them handle an estimated 85 per cent of all UK advertising spend.

The IPA has a dual role within the agency business. Firstly, it acts as spokesman for its members, representing them on issues of common concern and speaking on their behalf in negotiations with media bodies, government departments and unions. Secondly, it contributes to the effective operation of member companies through its advisory, training and information services.

The IPA Effectiveness Awards

The IPA established the IPA Effectiveness Awards competition in 1980. With its tough criteria, it soon became Adland's most rigorous award scheme. Thirty years on, its databank of case histories (now over 1400 strong) is considered invaluable to anyone interested in, or working in, marketing and marketing communications because they comprehensively show the payback from marcomms spend and provide a comprehensive explanation for winning business strategies. They have also helped the industry to improve its methods of evaluation.

As a sponsor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards, Warc is the official publisher of the IPA case studies both online on and in the Advertising Works series of books.

The IPA also operates IPA Effectiveness Awards Search Engine (EASE), its online databank, which functions as an online learning, search and selection site for the IPA Effectiveness Awards case studies.

The IPA Eff Test Partnership

Drawing on 30 years of IPA Effectiveness Awards case studies, the challenging IPA Eff Test qualification promotes planning as the USP of agencies. Specifically it will help identify planning and effectiveness measurement techniques as central to understanding how you can create effective campaigns for your clients in the future. The qualification covers a broad range of subjects including definitions of effectiveness, evaluation and accountability; why businesses should invest in it, how it has developed over time, who has a stake in evaluation and current debates around the topic. It also looks into the broad principles behind different types of objectives that can be set.

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