Mainstream voices have dominated marketing and advertising spaces, and there is a need for audiences, customers and consumers to be spoken to and reached in an authentic and credible way.
COVID-19 is forcing brands across categories to shift faster into e-commerce. What does this long-term change in distribution mean for the effective investment of marketing budget? We are delighted to bring you expertise from four leading marketers who share their e-commerce insights, experiences and challenges with us.
Welcome to our masterclass in creative effectiveness: a weekly series that will guide you through The Creative Effectiveness Ladder.
Watch all the videos created by WARC for Lions Live 2020, including guidance on effectiveness in the age of e-commerce, the Creative Effectiveness Ladder, and lessons from brands that successfully adapted their campaigns for the COVID-19 lockdown.
Ariel’s Share The Load campaign sparked a national conversation and walked away with the Grand Prix in the 2016 edition of the WARC Prize for Asia Strategy.
It’s tough out there for strategists and marketers – particularly for the freelance community, which is why WARC is opening up its COVID-19 coverage free of charge for freelancers until the end of July.
在今年新冠肺炎突袭的影响下,直播电商形式由于能帮助品牌维持曝光以及促进销量而再度引爆关注。直播行业起始于2005年,新榜研究院5月刚发布的电商直播系列报告之《2020直播生态研究报告》将它解读为以PC端游戏直播为代表的探索发展期、移动直播爆发的流量红利期、电商直播的商业变现期以及2020年以来的深度渗透期。 不论如何迭代,从直播规模发展的角度来说,2016年被誉为“直播元年”,2019年则被称作“...
The WARC Prize for Asia Strategy was first launched in 2011 to reward brilliant strategic thinking in marketing in Asia and marks its tenth anniversary in 2020.
在疫情所带来的经济打击下,同时也受疫情所带来的新消费和商业模式鼓舞,近日国家发展改革委员会“ 数字化转型伙伴行动 ”终于启动,联合17个部门以及互联网平台、行业龙头企业、金融机构等145家单位,帮扶农业、工业、商业等各行各业中小微企业渡过难关和转型发展,通过共同构建“政府引导—平台赋能—龙头引领—机构支撑—多元服务”的联动机制,推行普惠性“上云用数赋智”服务。 中国作为对数字化和新技术接纳程度最大...
Segmentation is used to identify the most valuable sub-groups of a brand's existing and potential customers, based on their needs, wants and feelings.
***This page is no longer updated. Click here for coverage of WARC's latest coverage of the COVID-19 crisis.*** A special Snapshot series offering guidance and insights to marketers amidst the ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.
2月11日,世界卫生组织对新型冠状病毒正式命名为2019冠状病毒病(COVID-19),它已占据了中国乃至全世界新闻的头条。对于品牌市场营销人员来说,他们面临两个很重要的问题:第一个问题就是疫情期间究竟应如何应对危机?第二问题是,展望未来,长期封锁将会给消费者行为带来什么变化?回顾2003年发生的严重急性呼吸综合征(非典)事件,引人深思。 具有决定性意义的2003年可以被标记为中国大陆电子商务兴起...
Monika Schulze is Global Head of Customer & Digital Office at Zurich Insurance. She talks to WARC about the vital role of CX, the impact of ‘insurtechs’ and what she’s learned from working with start-ups.
Liliana Caimacan is head of global innovation at Tata Global Beverages. She tells WARC why the business is looking beyond the black tea category and how partners are helping develop new product ideas.
Melissa Weston is marketing lead UK & Ireland for the fashion e-commerce Zalando. She talks to WARC about the company’s marketing strategy and its tech investments, and how it plans to be a starting point for fashion.
dmexco has come and gone, but what did the industry learn? Here are the top themes of 2018 in the words of those who ought to know: ad tech leaders.
VIDEO:  WARC’s Future of Strategy Report 2018 revealed a sense of optimism across the discipline, but a new competitive landscape and budget shortages remain present.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in the European Union on 25 May 2018 - find out more about the personal information we collect, why we collect it and how we use it.
Personalities on radio are a long-standing form of influence. Abby Carvosso, Group MD, Advertising at Bauer Media, shares some insights about the radio company’s pairing of talent and brands .
Ahead of October’s Festival of Marketing, a panel discussion at the event will address recent research that shows how brands and advertising should be leading the way for the media to reflect the society in which live.
The annual dmexco trade fair and conference in Cologne brings together a range of participants in digital marketing and here a number of those operating in ad tech give their views on the trends they saw emerging in the 2017 event.