Stuart Sullivan-Martin, Camilla Bruggen and Elif Pulcu

11 February 2021 2020's IPA Effectiveness winners show how to make distinctive assets work harder, write Peilin Phua and Nicole Hartnett from The Ehrenberg-Bass Institute.
03 February 2021 Lumen’s comparison of attention as a purely time-based commodity will push our industry backwards, not forward, according to Facebook’s Ian Edwards and Harry Davison.
14 December 2020  Digitas strategists Michelle Thomas and Charles Baker identify the seven areas to look for in a business-to-business account-based marketing request for proposal.
30 October 2020 Martin Lee, co-founder and managing director, Acacia Avenue says brands must remember that reading is also a behaviour governed by cognitive biases and mental short cuts (heuristics). Consumers subconsciously judge brand copy according to four principles and this reading influences their purchase decisions.
15 September 2020 COVID-19 offers advertising strategists an opportunity to revive and renew the methods by which they acquire real human insights.
02 August 2020 The Dragonfly Market Research agency in India offers some guidance for how brands can lift the curse of “sameness” that has befallen brand communications since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak.
21 July 2020 How mining shifts during the coronavirus pandemic became a creative spark for one planning team in the Philippines.
07 July 2020 Corporate activism doesn't always have to mean taking sides. Supporting voting rights and voter registration is an HR issue as much a branding opportunity, argue Drew Train and Davianne Harris.
25 June 2020 The shift to e-commerce means brands need to be much smarter about all aspects of customer experience. There's a new opportunity for FMCG brands in the way products are received and unboxed. In this exclusive Q&A, Patrick Miller, co-founder of Flywheel, and Tiffany Lilze, Senior Director, e-commerce Supply Chain and Innovation, Procter & Gamble, talk to David Tiltman, VP content at WARC about how marketers are waking up to this new route for creativity.
09 June 2020 In this new reality, static segmentations are often no longer appropriate, and advertisers should consider a more dynamic persona-based approach that accounts for the shifting nature of audiences.
02 June 2020 The gap between situational change and reality creates tension. Brands that respond to these tensions stand the best chance of successfully navigating COVID-19 and the oncoming recession.
19 February 2020 ITV and System1 are staging a contest offering brands the chance to win a free ad slot during the upcoming Euro 2020 football tournament. Kate Waters and Jon Evans share some tips for brands.
07 January 2020 Juliana Chan and Dan Paris take a look at the healthcare sector’s digital future, and the technologies that will help us access it.
30 October 2019 Designing experiences for data not people should now be an industry norm, argue MullenLowe’s Jonathan Hart and James Hollow – we can no long reason our way into strategies or creative directions when we have the simultaneous ability to empirically create insight and test our assumptions.
01 October 2019 The rate of social commerce adoption in Southeast Asia is rapidly accelerating. Neha Khullar and Richard Reid, both of Iris Concise, Singapore, explore some of the strategies to follow.
02 May 2019 The May issue of Admap puts the spotlight on data ethics. Danny McCarthy from the Co-op explains the organisation’s work with the Open Data Institute (ODI) which is helping them progress against their vision of being ‘Trusted with Data’.
11 March 2019 Looking back on a year in influencer marketing, 2018 will forever be remembered as a year of shady behaviour, in which the ASA cautioned hundreds of influencers for failing to correctly signpost sponsored content.
12 February 2019 Advertising agencies have been around for decades but advertisers still can't agree on the best way to pay for theirs services. Stuart Pocock, co-founder of The Observatory International, outlines the best way to make it work.
05 December 2018 This month’s Admap focuses on Drivers of Change in 2019, exploring five key trends – data privacy, smart cities, digital youth, health and wellness and the evolution of banking – and how they will impact marketing over the next 12 months.
31 October 2018 Advertisers now have more access to content creation providers than ever before. Stuart Pocock, Co-founder of The Observatory International, explains how they should determine who they work with.
15 June 2018 As the IAB uncovers a trend towards the in-housing of programmatic, Martin Kelly, co-founder and CEO, Infectious Media, argues that agencies will continue to have a role.
08 March 2018 The cocktail party effect is a well-known behavioural bias, whereby humans ‘selectively attend’ to stimulus they deem familiar or important. Kinetic UK and MediaCom looked into the possibility of its effect for use in out of home advertising. Here’s what they found.
02 October 2017 Electric cars are far from the future – they are part of now, as manufacturers and legislators take note. With the release of Ebiquity’s Green Auto report, Head of Communications Insight Martin Broad explores some of the insights surrounding one of the most important developments in automotive history. Volvo Cars' T8 Twin Engine Range (Image source: Volvo)
21 September 2017 Would you pay $1149 for an iPhone? Apple is trying to make the iPhone more appealing to a wider range of consumers but questions remain about the ‘super-premium’ element of its strategy says Martin Guerrieria, Global BrandZ Research Director at Kantar Millward Brown
22 August 2017 Brands are relying too heavily on average media metrics to understand their audiences’ social media habits, resulting in an incorrect belief that all social media users have tiny attention spans and just want ‘micro moments’, argue Yanling Leow and Alasdair Gray of iris Singapore.