Sam Peña-Taylor

21 January 2021 The backlash against the popular messaging app’s privacy policy changes won’t destabilise either WhatsApp nor parent firm Facebook, but it points to the high cost of trust when you haven’t built it – Sam Peña-Taylor.
03 September 2020 With the announcement of a new health-tracking device, Halo, Amazon takes a step in the direction of probably the most disruptable marketplace, healthcare.
28 July 2020 The discussion over the ban on ads for HFSS products is a particularly unedifying example of eye-catching tactics over the difficult business of strategy.
13 July 2020 The questions swirling around the suitability of Facebook’s open platform for advertising mask a different debate: whether advertising has forgotten its role in ensuring a healthy media ecosystem.
01 July 2020 The Creative Effectiveness Lion is one of the most prestigious awards to win at Cannes – here, the 2021 jury president explains what she will be looking for. 
22 June 2020 As Lions Live begins, WARC’s reporter looks back at what Cannes Lions has always been about and what this year’s digital event shows: advertising is all about solving problems.
15 May 2020 There will be winners and losers in the current crisis and big tech isn’t going to be in the latter group; Sam Peña-Taylor heard Professor Scott Galloway’s take.
13 April 2020 As the industry contemplates the likelihood of severe spending cuts, Mark Ritson argues for strategists to spot an opportunity to overtake their competitors and plan to grow market share.
25 February 2020 Firms want professional-level advanced analytics, on a global scale and on a budget. But how brands know what they know is less of a discussion at IIeX as knowledge-sharing takes centre stage (and top sponsor billing), says Sam Peña-Taylor.
14 February 2020 Sustainability is about survival – the subject needs to overcome the semantic bleaching that makes it a corporate nice-to-have, says Sam Peña-Taylor - a startup is working toward solving the chronic market failure of food waste in the face of global hunger.
26 November 2019 Black Friday remains big business, but its nature is changing and the most effective campaigns approach it from the angle of problem-solving – WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor considers the options.
31 October 2019 Twitter’s announcement that it will stop running political ads places the spotlight squarely on its rival, but what, if anything, does it solve?
16 September 2019 The myth that humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish has been repeated until it’s started to resemble truth. WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor looks at the myth that just won’t die.  
29 August 2019 Following the wild popularity of TikTok across the world, Twitter is surely feeling a pang of regret at the missed opportunity that was Vine. WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor looks back on a bizarre and often beautiful experiment in video art.
20 June 2019 Though the CMO is a powerful position in the business, it requires constant adaptation to survive. At Cannes Lions, WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor heard executives from Tencent and LVMH explain their view of the future for the profession.
19 June 2019 A campaign by Forsman & Bodenfors for Volvo has won the Grand Prix in the new Creative Strategy Lions. WARC’s Sam Pena-Taylor gets the low-down from the judges.
28 May 2019 At the APG’s Noisy Thinking, planners and strategists got to discussing the business of strategy and what makes it stick in people’s heads, what makes it interesting. WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor was there to hear.
18 April 2019 What’s a modern football fan? A recent report sheds light on how young fans are watching, what they’re watching for, and how the relationships between fans, players, and the game itself is changing.
20 March 2019 At Advertising Week Europe both WPP’s Mark Read and his predecessor Sir Martin Sorrell spoke about their respective positions in the industry. It came down to a question of control.
07 March 2019 Mark Zuckerberg wrote an essay about Facebook’s new privacy direction. Here are the bits that should allow you to talk about it in the pub and sound like you’ve read it.
26 February 2019 At Mobile World Congress, the telecoms industry shows the world the fruits of its research. WARC’s Sam Peña-Taylor shares a view from the limits.
20 November 2018 Emotional advertising is in vogue right now. But how much do we need to do and how much is too much? WARC was at Brainy Bar 7 to hear.
16 November 2018 Kantar Millward Brown research into the last three years of TV Christmas ads in the UK explores what successful spots do, and what distinguishes an effective strategy at this time of year from ads at any other time.
09 November 2018 At the end of the year, trends are all around us. From across the marketing circuit, here are some that could cause a rumble in the coming year.
29 October 2018 Marketing leaders have a responsibility to invest in the best possible media mix, but that is never easy. At a WARC roundtable held in London, senior marketing figures explored the barriers to adaptation.