Michael Levine

03 September 2020 This article is part of a series of articles from the WARC Guide to marketing in the gaming ecosystem. Read more .
26 May 2020 Big step forward for social commerce
19 November 2019 Post-GDPR, it’s becoming ever clearer that consumers will have to decide whether they are willing to give up their personal data, and if so, to what extent. Michael Hanbury-Williams assesses their options.
13 June 2019 The term ‘clickbait’ is used indiscriminately and often erroneously. It certainly doesn’t apply to native advertising, says Michael Korsunsky of MGID. Used to describe everything from controversial fashion trends to the mention of politician’s names in news articles, the word ‘clickbait’ is now a regular feature of media vernacular.
04 April 2018 In the pursuit of greater personalisation, we’re crossing the boundary between clever and creepy. We have reached advertising’s ‘uncanny valley’ - when technology becomes so human-like that it makes people uneasy – argues UM’s Michael Hanbury-Williams.
06 October 2016 It's time to unveil who was behind @Offical_Rule40 #RioBot.