Dylan Collins

11 August 2020 As countries ease and then tighten restrictions, the timetable to recovery remains uncertain. Dr Rodney Collins PhD considers how culture plays an outsized role in the responses that diverse peoples take to the re-opening process.
12 April 2020 There is a pandemic currently sweeping across the globe which has profoundly impacted society as a whole. It’s the new Netflix docuseries everyone is talking about: ‘ Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness ’. A true crime story of Joe Exotic, the self-proclaimed ‘gun-toting gay redneck’, and a whole cast of undesirables from the underworld of big cat breeding. It is the type of absurd, sensational escapism weary viewers are hungry for right now. 
02 March 2018 Children have never been exposed to more content, and concerns around their privacy should be a priority. Here SuperAwesome's CEO Dylan Collins shares three key areas that we can change.