Chris Arning

29 May 2020 Humour hasn’t been the first option for most brands approaching their communications at this time, but Chris Arning suggests that humour effectively executed can yield great rewards.
24 March 2020 During the Coronavirus crisis, empty shelves have become a common sight around the world – Kantar’s Chris Morely explores whether the problem of stockpiling is all it seems or whether something else is at play.
14 June 2019 Ensuring brand safety is a basic requirement of digital advertising. Now it’s time to consider brand suitability, says Chris Bennett of Pixability.
31 March 2019 For Admap's April issue on sustainability, Chris Arnold, founder, Creative Orchestra, details how doing good for the environment and doing good for humanity go hand in hand, while it is increasingly evident that it’s also a healthy business strategy.
28 September 2018 Part of an effective social strategy is ensuring that campaigns not only anticipate what their audience will talk about but also ensuring that they seamlessly become part of the conversation. By the7stars’ Chris Herbert. 
07 September 2018 Driving success in automotive advertising can be a tough ask. Saddington Baynes’ Chris Christodoulou explores how experience can inform auto advertising.
18 July 2018 Chris Yu, Head of Integrated Marketing Strategy, Innovation, & Technology, US Bank, chaired this year’s Effective Innovation category at the WARC Awards . Here, he writes why so much of the winning work targeted millennials and why this is such an effective strategy
12 February 2018 Brands enter people’s lives through myriad touchpoints, all of which contribute to building a bias toward the brand in the consumer’s mind – in other words, hooking them early. Here Chris Worrell of Wavemaker looks at the evidence for bias building.
17 May 2010 NBC is today launching 'fan it', a initiative that the company describes as a "win-win opportunity that broaden's [our] shows' visibility" ... "What better way to spread the word about our shows than with the help of our loyal fans," asks Adam Stotsky, president of NBC entertainment marketing. Quite right.