Brian Carruthers

A recent Southpaw webinar looked at brand building. WARC’s Brian Carruthers listened in and was struck by the discussion around culture.
Comedians create a lot of value for us, says Peter McGraw - and marketers can learn from the way they create that value.
At a time when data privacy concerns are growing, people’s worries can take some unexpected directions according to Jamie Bartlett.
Accessibility and brand activism emerged as key features of the top 10 campaigns in this year’s WARC Creative 100 rankings.
Better, faster, cheaper research may be possible after all – Brian Carruthers takes the industry’s pulse at Qual360 Europe .
The UK will leave the EU on Friday night, but at Thursday's LEAD summit there was some skepticism about future trade talks.
Forget Steve Jobs as a role model for innovation – you need to look to Homer Simpson, says Mike Adam.
Will the election result mean an end to uncertainty and clarity on the future? Well that might happen, but it’s not a given, says Brian Carruthers.
There was lots to talk about at the recent launch event for WARC’s Marketer’s Toolkit 2020. Here’s six takeaways from a panel with Eve Sleep’s Cheryl Calverley and Birds Eye’s Steve Challouma.
The industry has amassed a fantastic body of learning around effectiveness. Now it needs to put it into practice, according to Tom Roach .
The theme for DMEXCO 2019 was trust. Brian Carruthers listened in to the debate, including voices from Salesforce, Unilever, Nestle, Google, and Edelman.
Brian Carruthers look back on a week that began with news of a major government advertising campaign around Brexit.
Influencer marketing often gets a bad rap but it doesn’t have to be that way, says WARC's Brian Carruthers .
Want to do ethical marketing? Then back it up with something, says Lisa Hogg of TOMS. “I have a little bit of an issue with the Nike Kaepernick campaign,” Hogg told an audience at Advertising Week Europe.
System 3 is a recent addition to the Fast/Slow theory of behaviours, coined by the Irrational Agency to explain a layer somewhere between considered thought and emotional response.
The digital world is all about data, and that data is being gathered in all sorts of unexpected ways, says Dr Pippa Malmgren.
So it’s the Patriots against the Rams in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII – and an appropriate time to look at how brands have devised successful campaigns around the biggest event in the US sporting calendar.
Nigel Walley, managing director of media consultancy Decipher, is a big fan of addressable TV. UK advertisers, however, do not currently share his enthusiasm, and the reasons can be summed up in two words: distrust and confusion.
What are the similarities between jazz and marketing? News Editor, Brian Carruthers, went to hear a man who does both: Neuro-Insight’s John Zweig.
Voice is being hyped as the next big thing, but, says Adam Skalak of Nestle, FMCG brands need more data to work with.
There’s no one way to tackle digital transformation, says Rahmyn Kress, chief digital officer at Henkel.
The public may be experiencing frustration and disillusionment with the political classes and how they are handling Brexit, but Claire Enders is upbeat about the future for media and advertising.
Thanks to technology it’s possible to understand media in new ways. And if you can pull the different strands together, says Frances Ralston-Good of Hearts & Science, you can develop new consumer insights.
We’re currently living through the ‘mid-digital age’, according to Zenith ’ s Tom Goodwin, but it’s time marketers started considering the post-digital age.
If data really is the new oil then it’s high time advertising started learning lessons from the oil industry, suggests Alex Steer of Wavemaker.