Biprorshee Das

17 August 2021 This isn’t the first time Spotlight is focusing on rural India – the last time was in 2019, before anyone had an inkling that things were going to drastically change in just a matter of months. Almost two years later and a pandemic wiser, WARC India Editor Biprorshee Das revisits rural marketing in this India Spotlight series and asks how strategies are changing, and what the new opportunities and challenges are post-COVID.
28 June 2021 In this edition of Spotlight India, WARC India Editor Biprorshee Das looks at the evolution of influencer marketing in India and, given its tremendous potential, how marketers can get it right by addressing the concerns about it.
20 April 2021 The pandemic and the resultant lockdowns have impacted every aspect of our lives and behaviours. Digital was embraced in its fullest and e-commerce came into its own with the work-from-home economy. The story in India, one of the worst affected by COVID-19, is no different. With digital shopping becoming a way of life, what is the road ahead for e-commerce brands in the country? In this India Spotlight series, WARC India Editor Biprorshee Das asks if the time is right for e-commerce brands in India to capitalise on a crisis and leapfrog to the next level.
25 February 2021 A brand championing a cause is not a novel phenomenon. But as consumers become more vocal about environmental, political and social causes, there is pressure on brands to speak up too. While many worldwide are answering that call, most Indian brands have stayed silent. In this India Spotlight series, WARC India Editor Biprorshee Das asks if it is time for Indian marketers to be bolder.