Augustine Fou

24 April 2022 Dr Augustine Fou, from  Marketing Science Consulting Group, Inc. and creator of FouAnalytics, emphasises the importance of advertisers using fraud-detection technology and requiring details from every vendor they pay when buying digital ads.  
11 October 2021 Dr Augustine Fou, Marketing Science Consultant, outlines three steps marketers should take right now to help combat ad fraud.
01 July 2021 Marketers needn’t worry about the demise of third-party cookie and mobile ad ID-based user tracking. It will accidentally make their digital campaigns better, argues Dr. Augustine Fou.
22 January 2021  Virtually all advertisers are acutely aware of brand safety issues these days – from their ads showing up next to terrorist videos on YouTube or ads showing up on fake news, hate speech, or disinformation sites. So, they’ve been increasingly paying for ‘brand safety’ technologies that are supposed to help keep their ads away from these situations. But do those technologies do what they claim to do? No, and it’s even worse than that.