Amy Rodgers & Dr. Emma Slade

10 January 2021 A young generation poised to “save the world” is stepping into adulthood amid a global pandemic and economic recession. 
16 August 2020 Marketers get little benefit from many adtech offerings, warns Dr Augustine Fou, and they need to pay more attention to what they are buying. 
02 June 2020 The gap between situational change and reality creates tension. Brands that respond to these tensions stand the best chance of successfully navigating COVID-19 and the oncoming recession.
07 November 2019 What should be the balance between data and creative people? How can you make a success of your martech investment? Experts gave their views to Amy Rogers and Dr Emma Slade.
29 October 2019 Powerful as MarTech might be, it does not replace an agency for strategic insight – Amy Rodgers and Dr Emma Slade explore the practitioners’ view.
24 October 2019 Marketing technology has become a growing necessity for brands in recent years as digital technologies have boomed and the need to automate and optimise processes for competitive advantage have increased – here experts discuss how to get that investment over the line.
07 August 2019 Paddy Power revealed that its sash across the Huddersfield Town kit was a prank. Jaywing's Philip Slade asks whether the prank had the intended effect. 
26 July 2019 In this Admap article, Dr. Martina Olbertova explores the lessons luxury brands can learn from Amazon to keep them competitive in a global marketplace.
09 May 2019 Too much knowledge can be a dangerous thing, as it skews how you see the world. Nielsen’s Carl Marci explores a study that his organization undertook with Honda and RPA, which shed light on the topic.
02 May 2019 The current state of adtech is putting brands at risk by placing ads next to questionable content, while marketers are at risk of not meeting the standards set by the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations. Dr Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at Brave, implores marketers to demand reform of adtech.
02 May 2019 Dr. Ann Cavoukian, a three-term Information & Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada and creator of Privacy by Design (PbD), warns of the potential privacy loss as we develop Smart Cities.
05 September 2017 In many organizations shopper marketing is still just an afterthought:  There is some money left in the budget, so why not spend it on shopper marketing? However, there are a number of compelling reasons for marketers to consider shopper marketing as a strategic imperative, says Peter Steidl.