Why planners could do with a common enemy

Rory Sutherland

I was asked to write a few words about planning for this edition of Admap. By long-established tradition, this means writing a piece the title of which ends in a question mark. Something along the lines of 'Whither planning?', perhaps. Or 'What future for planning in the 21st Century?'.

I am a huge fan of planners. Some of my best friends are planners. And, pace Dave Trott, some of the best planners are even planners, too. But they do love those question marks.

For the most part, planners have all the qualities one could want in a colleague: interested, open-minded, generous with their thinking, intelligent and imaginative. In fact, you hardly ever meet a planner you don't like.

They're actually useful, too. If only the banks had employed a decent smattering of planner-types within their ranks – healthily disinterested and naturally questioning.