Your compass in a changing world

James Murdoch
News Corporation, Europe & Asia and BSkyB

Marketing to today's consumer is a hard business. Audiences are fragmented. People have no time to listen. They're cynical, media-savvy and more clued up than ever. Long gone are the days of Thomas Jefferson, who once observed that advertising was the only bit of a newspaper you could trust.

There is some basis to all of the pessimistic talk we hear about marketing and advertising. I've made more than my share of terrible decisions in marketing, and I've been talked into, or talked myself into, some truly awful work.

But amidst the accumulated flotsam of any large company's marketing history, I do hope we've learned some things about what works at News Corporation and at Sky – and perhaps what might work for you. There are a number of ideas we wrestle with and problems we encounter. We are trying to understand some of the really fundamental – indeed revolutionary – changes in global society that are happening now, and how they relate to our business, and, possibly, yours.