Branding Your Agency in a New Environment

Allen Rosenshine

In this keynote address, I promise that you are going to hear something unusual. You are going to hear a speaker actually talk to the subject. Most of the time, we pay lip service to our assigned title and then segue into areas we might actually know something about. But today, I'll stick with “Branding Your Agency in a New Environment” because I think I do know something about both parts of this title, that is, “branding your agency” and “the new environment” in which the agency business finds itself.

However, I am going to flip the two and start with “the new environment.” To understand where we are today requires just a short review of the recent history of technology in communications.

A few years ago, Advertising Age ran a story with the headline “Rosenshine Says Most Technology Talk Is Bullshit.” Talk about PR, that's pretty good, right? I finally make the front page and I can't even show it to my kids. My point was not that technology is bull but that a so-called new environment was being built on a foundation of pure PR baloney about the new technologies.