Search will always grow when money is tight

Joe Mandese

Each week for the past month or so, Brian Wieser, global director of forecasting at Interpublic's Magna unit, has released a series of updated advertising outlooks for each of the major emerging media. Media are evolving so quickly that the notion of emerging media platforms is a constant revision.

It is helpful that Wieser has categorised and clustered the ones that matter most to advertisers and agencies. In fact, they are the ones that are beginning to capture measurable shares of advertising budgets, and in many cases are beginning to appear as regular line items for big advertisers and agencies.

Some of what Wieser defines as emerging media – especially online search advertising – I would include as an established medium, but search continues to grow, both in terms of its total advertising volume and in its role as an activating principle in many marketing campaigns – both online and offline.