Insight 2.0: new media, new rules, new insight

Ray Poynter and Graeme Lawrence
Virtual Surveys, United Kingdom


The buzz on the Internet at the moment is all about Web 2.0, along with phrases such as participatory web, user generated content, and user generated media. Whilst there is undoubtedly a tremendous amount of hype, it is also clear that the old top-down view of the Internet, where the few published and the many simply absorbed, is giving way to a Web where everybody is enfranchised. In the keynote speech to the 2006 ESOMAR Congress, journalist and author Charles Leadbetter contrasted the old world; where newspapers used to control what was printed and what was not printed, with the modern world; where anybody and everybody with a mobile phone can become a citizen journalist.

The insight achievable by using active Web 2.0 techniques can be quite different from traditional insight. This paper highlights two key issues: