At a glance

It can be difficult for brands to find the right balance between performance marketing and brand building; after years of focusing on performance, eBay has shifted some spending towards brand.

Why it matters

Too much reliance on performance media was limiting the brand. Even though its spending on digital media was producing short-term results, this approach wasn’t bringing in new customers to build the brand over the long-term.

A shift from a 90:10 split to a 65:35 split has helped increase site traffic and improve brand consideration as consumers’ legacy views of the online marketplace (they worried about fake goods and items not arriving) have shifted.


  • Performance media are easily measurable so expect some difficult conversations with finance and analytics teams about putting more money into brand.
  • Understand that all your media channels need to work together to drive growth.
  • Have a plan and a set of objectives but be flexible and ready to respond to both internal pressures and the external environment.