The qualitative fingerprint! Consumer-focused innovations through online-co-creation

Andera Gadeib
Dialego AG, Germany


Innovations are key to today's packaged goods industry. Each brand leader strives for market share through innovation. A 'consumer focused product development' is the most successful way of delivering new products to market. If you engage the consumer within your product development process the opportunities to succeed in the market are much stronger. “Sense the market and respond” should be today's paradigm instead of the “invent in your laboratory and sell” philosophy of the production-led past. Innovative research methods focused on helping marketers include the consumer at an early stage of the new product development (NPD) process are needed more than ever before.

Including the consumer at the earliest point helps marketers develop not just a general consumer understanding but to very precisely sense where and why a concept idea is acceptable and what's not. This needs to be done right at each concept idea or packaging development phase. The foundation of each stage is critical to success and involving the consumer in a co-creation process is the surest way of maximising the potential.