Brand Placement Prominence: Good for Memory! Bad for Attitudes?

Eva Van Reijmersdal
Amsterdam School of Communications Research, University of Amsterdam


Brand placement is defined as “the compensated inclusion of brands or brand identifiers through audio and/or visual means within media programming” (Karrh, 1998). Placement prominence knows several definitions, but generally a placement is prominent when the brand is at the focus of attention (Gupta and Lord, 1998).

The literature on brand placement in audiovisual media (film, television, and games) has shown that placement prominence is positively related to brand memory (Babin and Carder, 1996; Brennan, Dubas, and Babin, 1999; Cowley and Barron, 2008; D'Astous and Chartier, 2000; Gupta and Lord, 1998; Law and Braun, 2000; Lee and Faber, 2007; Nelson, 2002; Schneider and Cornwell, 2005; Yang and Roskos-Ewoldsen, 2007).