Content Analytics and the Future of Market Research the Cloud of Knowing Project

John Griffiths
Planning Above and Beyond


The Cloud of Knowing project came about because of two factors: firstly the increasing use being made of internet content which by any stretch of the imagination is abundant and growing. The sheer volume of websites, blog postings, microblogs suchs as Twitter, photography sites such as Flickr, video sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, social platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo and MSN are generating huge datasets made even more valuable because using data aggregators such as FriendFeed it is possible to tie these separate platforms together and monitor the same person using any or all of these. The tools for monitoring and analysing these are also many and varied from cookies which are locked to the individual machine to content searches to pick up every incidence of a particular word used in the last 24 hours to keyword searches which use the keyword tags which blog posters put on their postings so that they can more easily be found. Then lastly there are the tagging systems by which those roaming the internet can attach keyword tags of their own on content. None of these require the permission of the person who has posted the data. There is no sense in which online anonymity can be guaranteed. In fact the way we talk about online content is to treat it as public – accessible for anybody to use in what ever way they think fit.