The Dear Costs of Competition

Fairfax Cone
Foote, Cone & Belding, Chicago

With a considerable number of people in our business viewing certain things about it with alarm;

I find it easy to join with them in varying degrees of anguish.

However, my anxiety or my consternation – whichever it may be, has a way of passing.

For the causes rarely are new and the remedies are known.

Most often the cause is nothing more or less than competition. And the remedy is generally within our reach.

The fact is, of course, that competition comes in many shapes and colors. And these add to its complexity.

And to its several costs.

One always thinks about before the complex and the conflict came to be.

Thinking back only to the advertising days before radio, and before television;

One may wonder, I suppose, if those were not more happy days?

When “The Saturday Evening Post” was the advertising lamp and guide; and “Life” was a distinguished humorous (and satiric) weekly.