Creating the best online advertising

Christina Goodman

Creating advertising for online branding campaigns is a challenge. Many advertisers are yet to be assured that online advertising can have an impact on branding, to positively shift attitudes and perceptions. To convince them, you need proof, so it's important to evaluate branding campaigns on attitudinal and branding metrics, not only on behavioural data, such as click-through and interaction rates.

The challenge is to help brands understand what can and what doesn't work well in terms of achieving successful brand metrics as there are many factors that can affect how well an online campaign works. Having evaluated more than 6,000 online advertising campaigns, I hope to shed some light on best practice in this area.

Based on 2,316 online campaigns measured globally over the past three years, comparing people who have seen the online advertising to those who have not, we found that people who are exposed to brand advertising in the live environment notice the ads (+5.1%); are aware of the brand (+2.4%); are more favourable towards the brand (+1.6%) and are more likely to consider buying the advertised brand (+1.2%) above people who saw none of the tested online advertising.