Integrated Planning: Cloud thinking

Sue Elms
Millward Brown

Consumers do not make decisions in a linear way. They are influenced by the cloud of noise around them at different times of the day. We need to understand the interactions with this noise and develop planned nudges that affect behaviour

We have built a world with too much information, too many choices, too many ‘things’ and too many connections. Now is the time for us all to step back and realistically assess the implications for the future direction of marketing communications and research.

Talk to anyone about their everyday lives and you realise quickly that they are doing little more than bumbling along.

In among all the activity and noise is a person's relationship with any particular brand at any particular moment. At any one point in time, they may be closer to buying a brand or further away. They may be about to buy on impulse, habit or deliberation. But you can be sure that they are bumping into all sorts of influences along the way – some planned, some unplanned and thrust upon them.