Making the Tough New Business Decisions

Mark Goldstein
Fallon Worldwide

Ok, the first thing I want to do is defuse the potential “asshole factor”. That's the feeling agency people get at the beginning of every speech by another agency guy.

“Oh, he's an asshole and now he's just going to go on about shit they do that I have no respect for.”

If I were in your seat, that's what I'd be thinking. Hell, I'm up HERE and that's what I'm thinking.

So, I want to show you what my days are like.


I constantly worry about whether we're ever going to get into another pitch again.

If anyone knows who we are.

If the phone will ever ring.

If we'll ever win.

I remember reading that David Ogilvy once said there wasn't a day that went by when he wasn't certain all his clients were going to fire him and his people were going to quit.