Get with the crowd

John Winsor

People want to be involved with your brand, so knock down your marketing walls and let them in. Crowdsourcing can provide a rich source of new ideas and inspires brand passion

Since starting Victors & Spoils four months ago, I've found myself thrust into the centre of the debate on the future of advertising, and even the future of work itself. A constant theme has been an acknowledgement that opensourcing, crowdsourcing, co-creation and mass collaboration will be the driving forces in this change.

These conversations have made me reflect on what's happening at a deeper level. While these changes feel new, the deeper disruptions have played out many times before.

One such was the desktop publishing revolution that enabled me to start my first company back in 1986, a magazine publishing company.

Instead of paying $35,000 annually for typesetting, I was able to buy a Mac Plus, a 20MB hard drive, a LaserWriter and the first generation of desktop publishing software for $23,000. That all seems surreal now, doesn't it?