Personalised targeting: The race for relevancy

Tracey Follows

Mobile devices offer location-based targeting, enabling brands to deliver the right message at the right time with local, relevant offers to consumers

The online medium has become known for being the most clickable, measurable, response-driven environment. But recently, consumers’ online behaviour has changed. It is now less transactional, predictable and linear, and more lateral. People are browsing and researching online and then shopping offline; or they are pottering around online, comparing, contrasting, researching and bargaining before purchasing. Average click-through rates have almost halved since 2004, now averaging 0.13% (Adtech/AOP 2009).

The game has shifted from retailing online (just presenting selling messages at every point possible to every eyeball) to relevancy online. Brands now have to think about whether online is the most relevant media option open to them. And what media could be more relevant and more personal than mobile?