The Future of Marketing

Jim Stengel
The Procter & Gamble Company

Good morning to everyone in Orlando! I apologize for the last minute change in plans. I'd much prefer to be there in person. The 4-As has brought us together to explore a topic that is near and dear to every one of us “Staying in Touch with the Consumer.”

The consumer is fundamental to each of the disciplines represented in the audience today… how could it be that we have, collectively, come to a point in time where we question whether we are truly in touch—

(Jim's video is interrupted as a TiVo screen appears with the three themes of his speech displayed on the menu: holistic marketing, permission marketing and new forms of measurement. As though a viewer in the audience has elected to skip ahead to another portion of Jim's speech, a highlighted cursor selects “holistic marketing” and the video resumes with Jim speaking…)