Personalised targeting: Don't get personal, get social

Tony Effik
Publicis Modem, New York

Personalising communications to individuals in digital media is evolving. Social targeting of communities, and the influencers within those social groups, is the way forward, says Tony Effik, Publicis Modem New York.

We now increasingly compete on our ability to use personal data. Privacy, in its traditional form, is dead. Yes, that's what I said – privacy is dead. The debate is no longer about whether we should use personalised data for marketing, but rather, what is the best way to use it?

Most of the billion people who regularly go online happily broadcast personal inform ation about themselves on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and some of us even announce our locations on foursquare. This activity is producing data that is being packaged into products that advertisers can buy. This data comes in many forms, ranging from the purely personal through to data captured by social networks that also captures your social context. Brands now have the opportunity to both personally and socially target you.