ANA Marches into Its Next Century with New Marketers' Constitution

Geoffrey Precourt

The leadership of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) used the occasion of the organization's 2009 "Masters of Marketing" annual meeting to update an industry mission statement almost 100 years old.

On January 4, 1910, 17 advertising managers from a number of America's leading marketers - that included the Shredded Wheat Co, the Glidden Varnish Co., and Burrough's Adding Machine Co. - formed a new national advertiser association. The group called itself the Association of National Advertising Managers (ANAM) and, in the words of Bob Liodice, current ANA president/ceo, "It was envisioned as a unified voice for those individuals - and therefore a power that could achieve some of the reforms they felt were necessary in this sparkling new advertising industry."

ANAM's start-up mission statement  read: 'To advance the knowledge of advertising as far as may be possible to an exact science…. To that end, that the individuals, firms, or corporations represented in its membership may expend their advertising appropriations more intelligently and more effectively.'