Gaming for social engagement in China

Steven Hu

InGameAd Interactive

Games have moved into the social networking space in China, providing brands with huge audiences of young consumers in a fun, communal environment

QQ Dancer is one of China's favourite online games, along with QQ Speed and Dragon & Fighter

The availability of high-speed internet connections and more powerful and affordable computers has prompted tens of millions of young people in China to log onto numerous online games, to make friends, earn virtual currencies and collectively explore virtual worlds.

Online gaming has been the single most important entertainment, for many even social outlet, in their daily life. China boasts the biggest end-user market in the world, with at least 70 million regular online gamers in 2009 and more than half of them are paying gamers. The whole market size of online gaming alone in China was worth about $4bn – more than four times that of the Chinese film industry.