How Uniqlo used digital marketing to build a global brand

Tessa Thorniley

For more than a decade Uniqlo has been exporting its brand of Japanese low-cost, quality casual-wear around the world.

As the retailer has gradually shifted from being a domestic Japanese chain to a global apparel empire, it has been carefully repositioning itself to appeal to a wider, more multicultural set of consumers but without losing its 'Japanese-ness' – a quality that can be glimpsed as much in the technologically hip way it communicates with shoppers, as in the discipline of its clothing designs.

As Tadashi Yanai, the chain's founder and one of Japan's most dynamic businessmen said in a recent interview: "We really have to transform this company to be successful and compete. Before we manufactured in China and sold in Japan. Now we need to manufacture in the world and sell to the world."