Digital out-of-home: The real Minority Report

Daniel Steinbichler

A futuristic vision of personalised outdoor communication, as depicted in Steven Spielberg's movie, is set to become a reality within a few years, claims a new study

Steven Spielberg got it wrong. In his 2002 film Minority Report, the director predicted that in the year 2054, digital outdoor advertising calls out consumers' names. In fact, his fictional vision will be with us much sooner than he thought – as soon as 2015 – and it will be more advanced than Spielberg ever imagined.

In the film, Tom Cruise's character is confronted with digital signs that call out his name as he walks through a futuristic shopping mall. “John Anderton.You could use a Guinness right about now,” a billboard announces as he walks past. Another ad scans his retinas, proclaiming: “…Lexus. The road you're on, John Anderton, is the one less travelled.”