Effective Semiotic Codes in Adolescents

Rosalba Olivella and Carlos Hernandez
Feedback Profile Ltda, Colombia


In this document we will talk about our experience and lessons learned as an agency in the field of carrying out semiotic studies. With that in mind, we will discuss some theoretical elements and we will resort to some practical examples extracted from a syndicated research study conducted by Feedback Profile in Colombia, called 'More Assertive Communication Codes' with the Adolescent Segment.

We intend to show the potential of semiotics to go beyond the study of the production of meanings in the broad culture and contribute to the understanding of segments that are defined based on people's lifecycle, which may be approached as cultures by themselves.

We will address the problem of symbolization differentials according to the type of cultural signs and the semiotization phenomenon of life which leads to a search for making sense and identity, and not only the interpretation of meanings. We will address non-conventional contexts of symbolization which must be taken simultaneously as part of the framework of the work of semiotics and its relation with the idea of a new economy of experience and cobranding with consumers.