Research for creative development

Roderick White

This introduction to Admap's report on research for advertising discusses the use of research to aid campaign development. Ideally, research should be useful at every stage of creative development. In practice, it is often hard for research to contribute, especially because creatives are unhappy about having their work, at any stage, subjected to judgement by those who don't understand it. The solution lies in realising that good research should not be judgemental, but creative; it can use the same techniques that creatives use to liberate ideas. This is most likely to happen if the creatives themselves become involved in the research process. Creative thinking is not linear, and research needs to recognise this. There should be frequent feedback loops between research and idea development. Research should be focused on directional strategy rather than on execution. 

Chris Stride
Jane Bloomfield and Greg Nyilasy
Chris Forrest and David Alterman
Kim Walker